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AI 即時生成演出

Real-time AI Generating Performance

 “Shooter” Xiao Bing Chih Feat. GBOYSWAG

18th KKBOX Music Award


The familiar prelude of "Shooter" will bring back lots of memories for the audience. However, the real challenge of this performance is how to make "Shooter" bring a refreshing feeling!


AI 即時動態影像生成技術

Real-time AI Generative Technology




Through real time AI generative technology, dynamic images can be generated into a set visual style. Coupled with high-speed AI servers and optimized AI computing programs, rendering calculation time can be greatly shortened. Applying this technology to the performance dance of "Shooter" can produce a new dance visual style.


Based on the cyberpunk style, the shooter's classic dance, which was photographed by many participating audiences when entering the concert, was projected on the big screen on the stage during the performance. Through real time AI generative technology, brand-new performance effects are presented, making live performances more visually impactful and empathetic.


Real-time AI Interactive System|Speech to Text & Music Style Generation

Source|KKBOX Youtube Channel




Through 5G network slicing and real-time AI generation system, it integrates real-time speech-to-text and real-time music style generation, allowing the host and performers to give AI instructions for different music styles and generate text on the stage screen in real time, so that the audience can immediately see the content of the instructions.


According to the instruction, the song "Shooter" is instantly adapted into a specific music style with a corresponding order, allowing performers to reinterpret different versions of "Shooter". In addition to showing rich and diverse musicality, it can also drive lively interaction between the stage and the audience, highlighting the possibility of integrating AI technology with music performances.

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