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Chill Bar in the Early 20th Century!










Adhering to the concept of “diligence is beneficial, playing isn’t”, the agricultural lifestyle has been at the core of traditional society in Taiwan. The only leisure time for hard-working farmers was during festivals where they made offerings to the gods.  After the Japanese colonial period, new lifestyles and adjustments of the calendar and time system have given people more free time. In addition, the habits and rhythm of leisure for Taiwanese people have altered since the appearance of new forms of entertainment, such as photography and phonographs, as well as various recreational public spaces such as parks, zoos, and beaches.


During the coexistence of new and old concepts during the Japanese colonial period, the interpretation of leisure also depended on each person. For example, the much-criticized Taiwanese operas and the game of mahjong still had the favor of many intellectuals - some were even addicted to them. Meanwhile, the Governor-General of Taiwan deliberately supported or encouraged hobbies and leisure activities opposed by members of the cultural association to go against  social movements. In general, intellectuals hoped to enhance the overall social culture and public soft power by promoting beneficial hobbies and activities. For colonial rulers, providing the public with time and space to cultivate leisure activities was also a means to gain the support of the people while demonstrating the power of the empire. 


The exhibition combines the static exhibition of historical materials and the interactive technology of new media, the exhibition creates an experience of new culture and history combined with dynamic and static displays.To show how the Japanese colonial era became Taiwan’s period of bloom. Looking at the interests and leisure activities in Taiwan a century ago, it is also possible to explore the transformation of the social lifestyle of that time.


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Have Fun in the Early Twentieth Century!

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