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AI 自畫像生成

JJ Lin "Happily, Painfully After" Premiere Concert 

AI Portrait Generated


In the premiere concert of JJ’s new album "Happily, Painfully After", in order to present the concept of the song "Self-Portrait", AI image real-time processing technology and a high-speed GPU computing architecture built on site were used to generate stylized photos and shape an overall visual feast. Starting from the artistic conception of the song "Self-Portrait", the audience is invited to take on-site photos, and their photos are subjected to real-time AI image style calculations and real-time particle system, all images flow with the melody to serve as a main component of visual image on stage. The audience no longer stares and listens in one direction, but completes the stage performance together with the performer, melts the stage boundaries, and expands the artistic conception of the song "Self-Portrait".


Self-portraits generated from the participants' photos.


Source|JFJ Productions



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