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Little Sun Cultivation Project: Assimilation, Not a Fairytale






“Little Sun Cultivation Project: Assimilation, Not a Fairytale” focuses on the children's education and cultural cultivation during the Japanese occupation era. The 2F special exhibition area of ​​the Taiwan New Cultural Movement Memorial Museum presents the modern children's life style interwoven from the three axes of the school systems, public leisure culture and daily lives. Combining the static exhibition of historical materials and the interactive technology of new media, the exhibition creates an experience of new culture and history combined with dynamic and static displays.


The exhibition presents the transformation and establishment of the old and new education systems, as well as the colonization consciousness submerged in the education system. Through the somatosensory interactive device of radio gymnastics, the audience is invited to follow the music in the early days to feel the ambition of national health while a collective movement with the ideology of body domestication and group norms. 

In the exhibition booth showing the daily entertainment of children during the Japanese occupation, the street theater that Japanese children love “Kamishibai”, children’s books, and other Taiwanese children’s daily entertainment such as jumping grids and “Ang A Piao” are reproduced. The audience can understand the difference in resources of children's entertainment between Taiwan and Japan. At the end of the exhibition, it integrates AR (Augmented Reality) interactive games and experiences with the ideal child development method, allowing audience from all ages to learn the knowledge and connotation of children’s education during the Japanese occupation in a relaxed situation, and to look back at the history for inspiring modern views in retrospect.

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