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Project Zero|首部曲

Project Zero|Episode One

《Project Zero|首部曲》是一部去脈絡化的Mixed Reality作品,從已故傳奇舞者蕭賀文為出發,透過各式技術,如臉部與身體3D掃描、3D地景掃描、動作捕捉、姿態辨識等,開啟一場具有實驗性質的體感互動旅程,並以數據為敘述文本,探究生命消亡與科技發展之間的關係。更期待在未來能將舞者過往的影像,透過人工智慧、演算法,延續其精神意志和思考脈絡,繼而生成出新的動作或舞作,讓賀文可以繼續展現他的才華。


《Project Zero|Episode One》is a de-contextualized Mixed Reality work. Starting from the late legendary dancer Xiao He Wen, through various technologies, such as face and body 3D scanning, 3D landscape scanning, motion capture and gesture recognition to start an experimental somatosensory interactive journey. The Work uses data as the narrative text to explore the relationship between the demise of life and the development of science and technology. In the future, we look forward to using artificial intelligence and algorithms to analyze the images of the dancer to continue her spiritual will and thinking, and then to generate new movements or dances, allowing He Wen to continue to show her talents to the world.

Project ZERO | Episode One, Official Trailer

Project ZERO | Episode One, Official Trailer

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