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〈流動〉,2019,複合媒材、水、植物。100 x 100 x 15公分(4座)。

Revolving its creative philosophy around social design, FabLab Dynamic pays particular attention to green energy and several related issues. It previously ran a series of workshops on soil power generation and initiated an ecological protection project titled Free Fireflies, trying to find an environment-friendly way of power generation from green and renewable energy sources for the purpose of firefly conservation. The work exhibited this time consists of a floating platform covered in green vegetation and equipped with around 120 soil power generation devices. The acid produced by the plants via photosynthesis will drive these devices to generate electricity required to power the LED lights. These LED lights go on at a preset power, so as to offer constant light wavelengths that stimulate the plants’ growth, thereby making this work circulate in an autologous fashion. Apart from providing the plants with far infrared and blue light sources, this installation has an enhanced water-locking base that meets the plants’ need for irrigation. Moreover, the material, shape, and contact area of the electrodes are improved insofar as to increase the devices’ power generation efficiency. By virtue of the self-powered system, an interdependent relationship eventually emerged between the plants and the power generation devices. To sum up, this installation is designed to transcend the traditional confines of the master-slave model between energy and its sources by technologically creating an endless, autologous circulation. 


Circle, 2019, mixed media, water, plants, 100x100x15 cm (quantity: 4).

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