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O kakimadan no to'as no Tafalong

Interactive Installation LEGACY and Online Culture Museum









In the Tafalong Center exhibition curated and planned by Atelier YenAn, through rigorous and detailed field surveys, interviews and research, as well as 3D scanning of cultural relics, the mythical stories and culture of the Tafalong tribe that have been passed down orally from generation to generation are explored and well-organized.


It is an honor to be invited to participate in the digital display of such precious materials. Based on the planning and related research contents, these collected cultural relics and stories are presented in an on-site interactive screen display with the edited recording of the cultural relic holders. 


At the same time, in response to the concept of "inheritance" in the exhibition, an online museum was specially built for the purpose of digitizing the collection, so that viewers who are unable to visit the Tafalong Center in person can get access to online interactions. Through online delivery, viewers are allowed to explore a more vivid display of cultural relics, and have different feelings when listening to the ethnic language. We hope that the public would have a chance to get close to the culture of the Tafalong tribe from different perspectives. Moreover, it may also become the starting point for finding the viewer’s own context. 


Virtual Museum:



Pakayni i nisaysayan to kongko no kongko ato nikamayan a lalosidan mipahapinang.

Miati tamowan a mitengil mitapal to codah no to’as a miso’ayaw to kafalifalic no ka’oripan, itini i tahepo no satahaf no kakarayan mapatosok ko tadakalimelaan no sarangawan.


The exhibition, TAFALONG, invites us to walk on the path between the reality and the imagination by combing myths, stories and cultural objects passed down orally from one generation to the next, listening to and looking at how our ancestors faced the threats of nature and built up their lives step by step, and how the value of tribal culture and traditions has been transformed in the midst of turbulence and chaos through generations of ebbs and flows.


展期|Exhibition Period:112.08.18 - 114.08.18

開館時間|Opening Hours:09:00-17:00(週三-週日開館|Wed - Sun

展覽位置|Location:太巴塱文物館 O kakimadan no to'as no Tafalong

地址|Address:花蓮縣光復鄉光豐路86號    No. 86, Guangfeng Rd., Guangfu Township, Hualien County

Photo Credit|沿岸製作 Atelier YenAn

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